Vanlife Hack: Stay in Mexico’s Auto Hotels

The term “auto hotel” sounds perfectly innocent, and it kind of is. Sort of. For those of us who live in vans at least. Every van lifer craves a hot shower, comfortable bed and cable TV, even if it’s in a foreign language, every once in a while. But it’s not always easy to find comfortable, […]

Everyone needs to stretch their legs every once in a while.


5 Things I Learned While Traveling Baja in a Van 3

Sweltering summer days in North Carolina have me thinking nonstop about sweltering winter days in the van — and how I can’t wait for more. We prepared to hit the road in our 1986 GMC Vandura for months before we finally found ourselves on 1-40 West out of Wilmington in January. We’d shopped for everything […]

The Best Guide to Surfboard Airline Fees for 2016 1

There are plenty of ways to get pumped for your upcoming surf trip. Grab a six pack of Tecates and Google pictures of the wave you’ll be surfing, create a Facebook post about how excited you are, or pack your boards carefully into your board bag, but whatever you do, don’t look up how much it’s going to […]



5 Tips for an Unforgettable Sri Lanka Surf Trip 4

Sri Lanka doesn’t have the best waves in the world. And although I’m a believer in quality over quantity, the number of breaks you can reach in a 30-minute motorbike ride is one of Sri Lanka’s most alluring traits. That’s without considering the affordable surf-front accommodations, tasty after-surf tea and the ridiculously delicious flatbreads (which […]

7 Reasons I Can’t Stop Thinking About Indonesia 2

Maybe it’s because I caught some of the best waves of my life, or maybe it’s because I still have a scar from ringworm on my leg, but I can’t stop thinking about Indonesia. It has been roughly six weeks since I left Indo, and I still miss the delicious Nasi Goreng, friendly faces, fresh […]