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Few surfers, aside from Kelly Slater (who gets everything free from his sponsors anyway), can afford to pay full price for surf gear. With the price of Quiksilver boardies and Roxy bathing suits rarely descending below $60, how can someone who skips work once a week to surf possibly afford new swimwear?

Surfers, even those who don’t particularly love to shop (myself included), have had to bust out some serious shopping skills to avoid paying top dollar for the brands we love. The options are simple, put in a little effort and get crazy deals on clothing, boards and wetsuits, or shell out your life savings for a single pair of flops.

Whiskey Militia

This site is my go-to place for everything surf-related. Nearly every item is half off the suggested retail price, and that includes clothing, watches, flops, leashes, traction pads and even boards.

There are two sections on this site – the Current Fix and the Private Stash.  The Current Fix section offers insane deals one at time until the item is gone or a time limit is reached. These products are usually between 50 and 90 percent off.

At this moment, the Goorin Brothers Montana Fedora Hat is offered at $7.99. That’s 87 percent off the retail price.

The Private Stash is where I usually shop. I can’t handle the pressure of the Current Fix.

Specials in the Private Stash last about three days, and they’re categorized into sections like Women’s Outerwear or Men’s Sunglasses. I almost always find something I like in the Private Stash, and the price is usually 50 percent off the suggested retail price. They almost always run a wetsuit deal that makes you wonder why you ever bought one for twice the price at your local shop.

The biggest bonus is that Whiskey Militia has all of the skate and snowboard clothing and accessories you need too. They even offer deals on bindings and boards from companies like TechNine and Rome SDS – some of the best in the biz.

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Surfing in a discount wetsuit on a board from Craigslist


Most people think this is a place to buy other people’s used junk, but it’s probably the best place on the web to get a crazy deal on just about anything.

It’s also a place where you need to use your head. Check the seller’s feedback, before you buy anything to make sure they’re not selling crappy products or bluffing on their descriptions.

Once you’ve got the workings of eBay under your belt, you can use it greatly to your advantage. Grab brand new Billabong clothing from overstocked retailers or an individual who simply bought the wrong size and never wore it. On eBay you can snag a $100 wetsuit top for $1 in an auction. You can’t even beat that at a yard sale.

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Checking Craigslist for deals on boards will save you hundreds of dollars. I use Craigslist as a travel resource as well as a local one.

On a trip to Los Angeles with my dad last summer, I flew into the airport with just a backpack, hopped on Craigslist and had a “like new” 5’4” Surf Prescription quad fin board arriving at my uncle’s house the next day for $125. I liked it so much, I shipped it back to N.C. for $50 and ended up selling it recently for over $200, but I very well could have sold it back on Craigslist before I flew out.

Nearly all of my favorite boards have been Craigslist finds. I’ve found brand new Al Merricks for half the price of the surf shop as well as tons of other crazy deals on new and used boards. Nothing’s better than scoring a board for $200, traveling around the world with it, then selling it for the same price two years later.

My aunt's pup Daisy on a board I bought from Craigslist
My aunt’s pup Daisy on the board from LA Craigslist

Seasonal Finds

Remember, when wetsuit season ends, it comes back around pretty quickly. Summer is the perfect time to find crazy surf deals on winter gear, and winter is the best time to buy all of your summer gear. Even surf shops – the most expensive places to buy surf gear – offer crazy deals at the end of each season.

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