Is Driving Through Mexico Really That Scary?


The reactions you get when you tell people you’re going to drive through Mexico are funny. One worker at the grocery store told us simply, “You’re gonna die.” A rather grim message from the guy bagging our provisions for an extremely long road trip. A few statements, including the U.S. Consulate’s warning against driving through every portion of the country we’d be visiting, made us second-guess our decision, but the opportunity to be mobile (with our dog in tow) in a country with a  coastline full of perfect waves, vibrant culture and $.10 tacos, seemed worth the “risk.”

It’s safe to say the drive from North Carolina to southern Mexico was our best road trip ever (until our next road trip), and although the trip went flawlessly, it wasn’t without a ton of research. This article is a guide for anyone thinking of driving through the absolutely beautiful country of Mexico: things to do, things not to do, and why you should certainly make the drive — no matter what the guy at Food Lion tells you. Continue reading “Is Driving Through Mexico Really That Scary?”