7 Reasons I Can’t Stop Thinking About Indonesia

Maybe it’s because I caught some of the best waves of my life, or maybe it’s because I still have a scar from ringworm on my leg, but I can’t stop thinking about Indonesia. It has been roughly six weeks since I left Indo, and I still miss the delicious Nasi Goreng, friendly faces, fresh coconuts, and of course, the unbeatable waves of the Indian Ocean. The following are seven reasons I can’t stop thinking about Indonesia, which are also seven reasons you should probably get there immediately.

1.The Beaches

DCIM100GOPROIt’s no secret that I’m in it for the beaches, and Indonesia is one giant beach paradise. More than 17,000 islands stretch between two oceans, offering everything from empty white sand shores to golden beaches packed with party animals. Best of all, Indonesia is loaded with world-class surf breaks, and if you travel far enough away from the tourist centers, you can have the perfectly peeling, tropical waves all to yourself. Continue reading “7 Reasons I Can’t Stop Thinking About Indonesia”