The Best Guide to Surfboard Airline Fees for 2016

There are plenty of ways to get pumped for your upcoming surf trip. Grab a six pack of Tecates and Google pictures of the wave you’ll be surfing, create a Facebook post about how excited you are, or pack your boards carefully into your board bag, but whatever you do, don’t look up how much it’s going to cost to check that bag to your final destination.

The thought of surfboard baggage fees gives most surf explorers the willies. And we’re never too slow to bust out the, “How are golf clubs free if my board is a fraction of the weight?” argument. But no matter how much complaining we do, there’s simply no way to battle the board baggage fees.

Or is there?

This awesome guide to surfboard baggage fees by shows you which airlines are surfboard friendly (with zero surfboard fees) and which ones will absolutely rob you for bringing your favorite board along. Even better, this guide displays how much each board costs in terms of beer money — something we can all understand. One frosty beer mug symbol equals $10 out of your pocket, so bookmark this guide and refer to it every time you book a surf trip to minimize those fruitless arguments with robot-like airline representatives.

2016 Surfboard Airline Fees

Author: Courtney McCaffrey

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