I’m not sure which interest came first for me; adventure, writing, travel or surfing. But over the years, they’ve turned into a lifestyle and career that I simply don’t want to pass up.  I’ve created this blog to share my travel adventures, tips and surf destinations with you. The site is named after my grandma’s talk radio show “Bits of Life,” a show in which she talked about whatever the hell she wanted to talk about, and people loved it.

I hope you’ll like my work too. I’ve written on topics from centrifugal juicers to social norms, but when I’m given the freedom to choose my own, I focus on the great outdoors. I live for travel – seeing new places, learning new cultures and surfing new waves. I invite you to browse through my posts, and please check back often as I advance this site into a blog of my adventures.

Aboard the Baja Ferry from Mazatlan to La Paz, Mexico

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