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I’ve created this page to showcase my freelance writing pieces. The site is named after my grandma’s talk radio show “Bits of Life,” in which she talked about whatever the heck she wanted to talk about, and people loved it. I hope you’ll like my work too. I’ve written on topics from centrifugal juicers to social norms, but when I’m given the freedom to choose my own, I tend to focus on the great outdoors. I live for travel – seeing new places, learning new cultures and surfing new waves. I invite you to browse through my online portfolio, and please check back often as I advance this site into a blog of my thoughts and adventures.

Vanlife Hack: Stay in Mexico’s Auto Hotels   Recently updated !

The term “auto hotel” sounds perfectly innocent, and it kind of is. Sort of. For those of us who live in vans at least. Every van lifer craves a hot shower, comfortable bed and cable TV, even if it’s in a foreign language, every once in a while. But it’s not always easy to find comfortable, […]

Everyone needs to stretch their legs every once in a while.


5 Tips for an Unforgettable Sri Lanka Surf Trip 3

Sri Lanka doesn’t have the best waves in the world. And although I’m a believer in quality over quantity, the number of breaks you can reach in a 30-minute motorbike ride is one of Sri Lanka’s most alluring traits. That’s without considering the affordable surf-front accommodations, tasty after-surf tea and the ridiculously delicious flatbreads (which […]