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Millennials in Moby: An Interview with Be You Be Sure Co-Founder Alison Sher 1

Typically, I would write an introduction for my interviewee. Something like, “This writer is inspiring, and here’s why she’s inspiring.” Maybe it was my questions (probably not), or maybe it was her responses, but once you read this interview, you’ll see why Alison Sher doesn’t need much of an introduction – she speaks for herself. […]

What Does Obamacare Mean for Travelers and Expats?

By Courtney McCaffrey Let’s face it. As travelers, we’re always more worried about where we’re headed than what American politicians are arguing about. In fact, many of us travel because we’re sick of American politics. It’s no secret that American retirees have been moving to Mexico because healthcare is more affordable. Of the well over […]