Santa’s List: Best Wetsuits of 2013

Photo credit: Wonderlane

Got a hole? A tear at the seams? Feeling a little chillier than you have in years past? Sad to say, you can only pee in something, rinse it off and hang it from its neck in the beaming sun so many times before it goes kaput. It’s time you do yourself a favor and buy a new wetsuit – or go ahead and put it on your Christmas list.

Between the R2, R3, E-Bomb, G-Bomb, Flash Bomb, Psycho, Pyscho 3, Superfreak and Psychofreak and so many other slasher-esque names for wetsuit models, it’s nearly impossible to know which suit is the best for your needs. And with water temperatures declining rapidly toward ice-cream headache status, you’d better act quickly.

Check out this wetsuit guide for the stretchiest, warmest, fastest-drying suits on the market this season. Continue reading “Santa’s List: Best Wetsuits of 2013”

Bert’s Market: The Best Convenience Store in the World

A Review of the Best Convenience Store in the World – Before They Went Upscale

I’d like to be modest and say I’m not sure if I’ll make it to heaven someday, but I can’t. I’ve already been to heaven. In fact, I stop by about three times a day, whether I need chili dogs, toilet paper or light bulbs. Heaven is at 202 E. Ashley Ave., on Folly Beach, and it’s marked by a wooden sign that reads, “Bert’s Market.” Continue reading “Bert’s Market: The Best Convenience Store in the World”

The Best Sites for Killer Surf Deals

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Few surfers, aside from Kelly Slater (who gets everything free from his sponsors anyway), can afford to pay full price for surf gear. With the price of Quiksilver boardies and Roxy bathing suits rarely descending below $60, how can someone who skips work once a week to surf possibly afford new swimwear?

Surfers, even those who don’t particularly love to shop (myself included), have had to bust out some serious shopping skills to avoid paying top dollar for the brands we love. The options are simple, put in a little effort and get crazy deals on clothing, boards and wetsuits, or shell out your life savings for a single pair of flops. Continue reading “The Best Sites for Killer Surf Deals”