Is Driving Through Mexico Really That Scary?


The reactions you get when you tell people you’re going to drive through Mexico are funny. One worker at the grocery store told us simply, “You’re gonna die.” A rather grim message from the guy bagging our provisions for an extremely long road trip. A few statements, including the U.S. Consulate’s warning against driving through every portion of the country we’d be visiting, made us second-guess our decision, but the opportunity to be mobile (with our dog in tow) in a country with a  coastline full of perfect waves, vibrant culture and $.10 tacos, seemed worth the “risk.”

It’s safe to say the drive from North Carolina to southern Mexico was our best road trip ever (until our next road trip), and although the trip went flawlessly, it wasn’t without a ton of research. This article is a guide for anyone thinking of driving through the absolutely beautiful country of Mexico: things to do, things not to do, and why you should certainly make the drive — no matter what the guy at Food Lion tells you. Continue reading “Is Driving Through Mexico Really That Scary?”

A Gringo’s Guide to NOT Looking Like a Tourist in Mexico

Photo Credit: in pulverem reverteris

We’ve all seen him – the pink-skinned gringo nearly passed out on a beach chair ordering daiquiri after daiquiri in a tone that embarrasses everyone. It’s more of a yell, than a “May I please,” – a tone he’d never use when talking to a server back in Minnesota.

He joins in on tequila volleyball, tequila bingo and tequila shuffleboard until he’s fully fried to a crisp – in more ways than one.

Nobody wants to be the rude gringo who sticks out like a sore thumb in Mexico, and many vacationers don’t even know they’re doing it. Follow these few simple steps to losing your silly gringo traits and enjoy an overall better experience in Mexico. We’ll all be thankful you did. Continue reading “A Gringo’s Guide to NOT Looking Like a Tourist in Mexico”

Millennials in Moby: An Interview with Be You Be Sure Co-Founder Alison Sher


Typically, I would write an introduction for my interviewee. Something like, “This writer is inspiring, and here’s why she’s inspiring.”

Maybe it was my questions (probably not), or maybe it was her responses, but once you read this interview, you’ll see why Alison Sher doesn’t need much of an introduction – she speaks for herself.

So here she is folks. Alison Sher – the co-founder of, the Be You Be Sure Project and an entirely new post-college philosophy that your parents are going to hate. Continue reading “Millennials in Moby: An Interview with Be You Be Sure Co-Founder Alison Sher”

Santa’s List: Best Wetsuits of 2013

Photo credit: Wonderlane

Got a hole? A tear at the seams? Feeling a little chillier than you have in years past? Sad to say, you can only pee in something, rinse it off and hang it from its neck in the beaming sun so many times before it goes kaput. It’s time you do yourself a favor and buy a new wetsuit – or go ahead and put it on your Christmas list.

Between the R2, R3, E-Bomb, G-Bomb, Flash Bomb, Psycho, Pyscho 3, Superfreak and Psychofreak and so many other slasher-esque names for wetsuit models, it’s nearly impossible to know which suit is the best for your needs. And with water temperatures declining rapidly toward ice-cream headache status, you’d better act quickly.

Check out this wetsuit guide for the stretchiest, warmest, fastest-drying suits on the market this season. Continue reading “Santa’s List: Best Wetsuits of 2013”

Bert’s Market: The Best Convenience Store in the World

A Review of the Best Convenience Store in the World – Before They Went Upscale

I’d like to be modest and say I’m not sure if I’ll make it to heaven someday, but I can’t. I’ve already been to heaven. In fact, I stop by about three times a day, whether I need chili dogs, toilet paper or light bulbs. Heaven is at 202 E. Ashley Ave., on Folly Beach, and it’s marked by a wooden sign that reads, “Bert’s Market.” Continue reading “Bert’s Market: The Best Convenience Store in the World”